eLearning Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eLearning fees?

How, and when, is the program shipped to me after purchase?

What are the requirements for eLearning course completion and certification?

Will I have an assigned eLearning program advisor during my studies?

Are the Blue Heron Academy eLearning programs state licensed?

Are the eLearning courses at Blue Heron Academy state licensed?

How are the eLearning courses structured?
Is there a final examination?

What is the refund policy for eLearning courses?

I live outside the USA.  Can I take your eLearning courses?

Do your eLearning programs require the purchase of a separate textbook?

How can I speak directly with someone regarding an eLearning program?

eLearning Fees

Fees include the cost of the eLearning course, which vary depending upon subject matter, and a small CD Rom or PDF administrative and shipping fee.  There are no separate enrollment fees for eLearning courses.  The cost of each eLearning program varies slightly and each program has the price clearly marked at the top of every page related to the course.
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Students living within the USA will receive their eLearning program via direct delivery on CD Rom.  Students in other countries will receive their program by email attachment in PDF form.  eLearning programs are usually sent / shipped within 48 hours of purchase.
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Students Requirements for Program Completion and Certification

  1. All eLearning fees and forms must have been received by the administrative office of Blue Heron Academy.

  2. All program quizzes and test must have been completed and sent via email to your program advisor.

  3. All quizzes and tests must demonstrate a level of subject knowledge acceptable to your program advisor.

  4. Satisfactory completion of the "final" oral test with your program advisor. Top of page

Accreditation and Certification - USA and Non-USA Students

There are no prerequisites for eLearning courses.  All of our eLearning programs are approved and licensed by the State of Michigan Board of Education.  Blue Heron Academy is a state licensed postsecondary school with seven locations throughout Michigan and Indiana.  Certifications obtained through both the eLearning and campus-based programs of Blue Heron Academy are state certifications that can be used in other states and even internationally.  We recommend you contact your state agency or governmental authority to determine the status of licensure requirements within your state or country.

After successfully completing an eLearning program, you will receive a certification that will allow you to freely practice as a healthcare professional in your designated field throughout most parts of the United States.  With regards to students living outside the USA, we are unaware of any existing requirements that would prevent you from practicing in your designated field.  However, if you reside outside of the USA, it would be a good idea for you to contact the appropriate governmental agency in your area and ask about specific license requirements.  If you find that specific requirements do exist related to the eLearning program you are interested in, you may ask the government officials to interpret the laws for you.  We would then be happy to discuss whether the program will likely prepare you to meet those requirements.
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Your Program Advisor

All Registered students will be assigned an eLearning program course advisor and will be able to contact their advisor via email or phone throughout their time in the program.
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Format of eLearning Programs and Final Examination

Each eLearning course is conducted through a learning module on a CD-ROM or PDF email attachment (non-USA students) that can be used on any computer.  Each program contains approximately 150-250 pages of printable text, including reading assignments and quizzes as well as exercises in which you will apply concepts in various hands-on activities.

All eLearning programs contain exercises and quizzes for applying subject matter concepts, both of which you will complete and email to your program advisor for correction and grading.  eLearning advisors are Blue Heron Academy faculty instructors.  Should you need additional instruction in order to complete the tests and quizzes, your program advisor will remain readily available, both by email and phone to provide you with additional educational support.

Once you have successfully completed the entire eLearning program including all of the exercises and quizzes, you must then complete an oral test with your program advisor in order to become certified.  This final, oral examination, will be administered over the phone by your program advisor.  Students living outside the USA will take the final examination via email.  Your program advisor will determine whether your responses demonstrate your mastery of the curriculum, and having decided that this is the case, you will be awarded your program certification.
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Students Living Outside of the USA

Many international students have completed eLearning programs from outside of the USA.  This is possible because each training program is provided to you by PDF document via email attachment.  The PDF document contains approximately 150-250 pages of printable reading assignments, instructional exercises and quizzes that you send by email to your assigned Blue Heron Academy faculty advisor for grading.  If additional help is ever required, your advisor is available to provide instruction and support to you via email.  Once you have completed all lessons, you will graduate from the program and receive your certification by taking a final examination.  Since you will be living outside of the United States, you will take the final examination via email.
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Refund Policy

All eLearning programs must be paid for in full prior to receiving any eLearning course material.  Once the program and materials are received by the student, there is no refund allowed.
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Is a Separate Textbook Required for eLearning?

Some of the eLearning programs require the purchase of a textbook.  The course textbook, if required, is not expensive and may be purchased online at book outlets such as Barnes and Noble (www.bn.com) and Amazon.com.
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Communication with the Blue Heron Academy eLearning Staff

To speak with an eLearning staff member, phone the Blue Heron Academy toll-free at 888-285-9989.  You may also send an email to " [email protected] and provide your name, phone number and best time to call.  Students living outside of the USA and Canada should communicate by email due to time-zone differences.  Please note that the school does not accept collect phone calls.
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