Course Content:  Yoga Teacher Certification - $1,140

Yoga Teacher Certification Program combines studies in traditional yoga practice, postures and positions with core understanding of breathing, body posture and benefits for maximizing therapeutic benefits.

Objectives:  Yoga Course Description and Instructions:

Section One:

  • Expanded Yoga Course Description
  • The Ancient Roots of Modern Yoga

Section Two:

  • General Anatomy, Anatomical Directions and Upper Skeletal Region
  • The Practice of Modern Yoga

Section Three:

  • General Anatomy, Anatomical Directions, and Lower Skeletal Region
  • Understanding Yogic Energy

Section Four:

  • General Anatomy and Physiology, the Head, Neck and Facial Muscles
  • Posture, Body Structure and Movement

Section Five:

  • General Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Holistic Yoga and Personal Transformation

Section Six:

  • Diet, Inflammation, and Pathology
  • Teaching Asanas

Section Seven:

  • Human Cardiovascular System
  • Teaching Pranayama

Section Eight:

  • Human Nervous System
  • Teaching Meditation

Section Nine:

  • Human Digestive System
  • Sequencing and Planning Yoga Classes

Section Ten:

  • Human Endocrine System
  • Yoga Therapy and Special Population Groups

Section Eleven:

  • Human Respiratory System
  • Yogic Diet, Ascetics, and Fasting

Section Twelve:

  • Human Reproductive System
  • Taoist Yoga, Chi Kung and Dao Yin

Section Thirteen:

  • Human Lymphatic System
  • Tai Chi Chuan, Research and Applications

Section Fourteen:

  • Human Urinary/Excretory Systems
  • Modern Exercise Physiology and Yoga

Section Fifteen:

  • Therapeutic Modalities and Physiological Effects
  • Combining Yoga with Contemporary Approaches to Exercise

Section Sixteen:

  • National Board Review
  • The Yoga Profession - Yoga Curriculum Review

Section Seventeen:

  • National Association of Therapeutic Exercise NBCA National Board Exam

Biomedicine Training Program - Included with all Online Education Courses

Biomedicine is the basic health science foundation of all health care professions.  The biomedicine training program prepares you for work in the health care field and helps to prepare you for national board certification exams.  This biomedicine course covers the fundamentals of biomedicine and health science for the allied health care professions.

The biomedicine subjects covered in this program include; general regional anatomy, human skeletal system, human muscular system, integumentary system, special populations, human nervous system, general musculoskeletal pathology, therapeutic modalities and physiological effects, introduction to pharmacology, human cardiovascular system, human lymphatic system, human endocrine system, human respiratory system, human digestive system, human urinary/excretory systems, and the human reproductive system.

> Please check local and state regulatory laws to make certain that this program meets regulatory requirements.

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