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Holistic Health Care is based on the concept of achieving balance, or what is called homeostasis, in the various systems of the body and on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  The Blue Heron Academy eLearning certification program in holistic health care provides you with training in nutrition and diet, physical fitness assessment and training, and stress management.

Section One:

  • Organization and Professional Ethics
  • Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences
  • Unity Statement
  • Module Tasks

Section Two:

  • Understanding Holistic Health Care
  • The Natural Power of Healing
  • Disease of Behavior
  • Paradox of Medicine
  • Human Nurturing
  • Stories About Holistic Health Care
  • Healing in the Shadows
  • Traditional Health Care Systems
  • Module Tasks

Section Three:

  • Holistic Health Care Education and Patient Motivation
  • Holistic Health Care Consultant and the Role of Education
  • Wellness Model
  • Health Continuum
  • The Goals of this Training Program
  • The Certified Holistic Health Care Consultant
  • Simply a Teacher
  • Module Tasks

Section Four:

  • Practice Development and Program Design
  • Creating Effective and Cost Effective Wellness and Holistic Health Fitness Programs
  • Wake Up!
  • Wellness Program Initiation
  • Models of Positive Change
  • Program Flow Chart
  • Program Evaluation
  • Wellness and Holistic Training Programs
  • Providing Appropriate Services to the Client
  • Business as Consumers of Wellness and Holistic Health Fitness Programs
  • Designing Cost Conscious Wellness and Holistic Health Fitness Programs
  • The Future of Personal Wellness Training Programs as a Means of Health Care Management
  • Module Tasks

Section Five:

  • Client/Patient Communications and Marketing
  • Marketing Strategies for Wellness and Holistic Health Fitness Programs
  • Wellness and Holistic Health Fitness Marketing
  • Marketing Defined
  • Building a Successful and Profitable Practice, Your Vision for Success
  • Building Your Success Patient by Patient
  • Practice Hours
  • Face to Face Contact, The Waiting Room
  • Paperwork
  • Patient Flow
  • The Consulting and Treatment Room
  • Client and Patient Education
  • Cash Payment
  • Embrace Your Success, Fulfill Your Dream
  • Advertising Marketing and Sales Aids
    • Weight Management
    • Fitness Evaluation
    • Stress Management
    • Pregnancy Fitness
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Body Composition Testing
    • Radio Spots
    • Press Releases
    • Sample Letters
    • Lecture and Lunch Program
  • Module Tasks

Section Six:

  • Corporate and General Program Marketing
  • Effectively Marketing Your Wellness and Holistic Health Fitness Program
  • The Initial Steps to Marketing Wellness and Holistic Health Fitness Programs
  • Promotional Opportunities for Marketing Wellness, Holistic, Personal Training, and Health Fitness Programs
  • Marketing to Business and Industry, the Corporate Market
  • Approaching Business and Industry
  • Selling Corporate Holistic Health Fitness Programs
  • Corporate Holistic Health Fitness Programs, Some Pros and Cons
  • Employee Program Flow Chart
  • Sales Presentation

Section Seven:

  • Evaluation and Assessment Skills
  • A Contemporary Fable, Upstream and Downstream
  • Client Assessment and Evaluation Skills
  • Health Assessment Questionnaire
  • Health Status and Health Attitude Questionnaire
  • Exercise Testing Protocols
  • Letter to the Clients Physician
  • Contraindications to Exercise and Exercise Testing
  • Post Evaluation Fitness Program Design
  • Manual Exercise Tests
  • Strength Testing
  • Muscular Endurance Testing
  • Cardio Respiratory Testing
  • Evaluation of Circulo-Respiratory Fitness
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Procedure for Measuring Skinfold Thickness
  • Body Composition Testing Protocol
  • Fitness Evaluation Reports

Section Eight:  Physical Exercise and Fitness
This Section on physical fitness is designed to be interactive.  You will find your program tasks and assignments listed within the course materials.  The overall objective of this section is to develop an understanding of the relationship between fitness and health.

Objectives: By the completion of this section you will have:

  1. Defined physical fitness.
  2. Developed a safe professional exercise program.
  3. Identified the physiological and psychological benefits of aerobic exercise.
  4. Experienced the 5 points of fitness exercise program.
  5. Identified the contraindications of exercise.
  6. Established exercise goals to improve your clients fitness levels.
  7. Learned how to do all of the above for your clients.

Section Nine:  Diet and Weight Management
The overall objective of this section is to develop an understanding of the relationship between nutrition and good health.

Objectives: By the completion of this section you will have:

  1. Identified various health problems associated with certain eating patterns.
  2. Developed a safe professional exercise program.
  3. Identified the five rules for good nutrition.
  4. Completed a food diary.
  5. Analyzed their present nutritional status.
  6. Reviewed the guidelines for selecting more nutritious foods.
  7. Established dietary goals to improve nutritional status.
  8. Learned now to assist your clients nutritionally.

Section Ten:  Stress Management
The overall objective for this session is to develop an understanding of what stress is, how it impacts on health and how it can be managed.

Objectives: By the completion of this section you will have:

  1. Defined stress
  2. Become aware of the signs of stress.
  3. Identified the relationship between stress and disease.
  4. Described Type A personality.
  5. Evaluated coping skills for client change.
  6. Had the opportunity to explore a personal meaning and purpose in life.
  7. Developed programs for stress management.

Section Eleven:

  • Profession Definitions and Terminology

Section Twelve:

  • Final Examination

Biomedicine Training Program - Included with all Online Education Courses

Biomedicine is the basic health science foundation of all health care professions.  The biomedicine training program prepares you for work in the health care field and helps to prepare you for national board certification exams.  This biomedicine course covers the fundamentals of biomedicine and health science for the allied health care professions.

The biomedicine subjects covered in this program include; general regional anatomy, human skeletal system, human muscular system, integumentary system, special populations, human nervous system, general musculoskeletal pathology, therapeutic modalities and physiological effects, introduction to pharmacology, human cardiovascular system, human lymphatic system, human endocrine system, human respiratory system, human digestive system, human urinary/excretory systems, and the human reproductive system.

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