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Herbal medicine is not only an ancient system of health care, but it is growing in importance and recognition among the general public and medical profession.  The Blue Heron Academy has been a leader in herbal medicine training in its residential training programs for twenty-five years.  In the BHA Herbal Medicine eLearning certification program you learn the basic concepts and methods of herbal medicine along with the modern techniques that are based on the latest scientific research and evidence regarding how herbs work and what health care conditions herbs can be used to treat.

Objectives: By the completion of this eLearning program in herbal medicine you will have:

  1. Learned about the history and philosophy of herbal medicine.
  2. Learned about the indications and contraindications of herbal medicines.
  3. Learned how to safely use and recommend herbal products.
  4. Learned about the pharmacology and chemistry of herbal medicines.
  5. Learned how to formulate herbal recipes.
  6. Learned how to make herbal medicines.
  7. Learned how to consult with clients regarding herbal medicines.
  8. Learned how to recommend the use of herbal medicines.

Section One:

  • Introduction to Herbal Medicine
  • The History of Herbal Medicine

Section Two:

  • What is Herbal Medicine?

Section Three:

  • How does herbal medicine work?
  • Important Active Ingredients

Section Four:

  • How to use and prescribe herbal medicines
  • Always consult a physician
  • Physiological Changes
  • When and how to take the herb
  • Pharmacological Prescribing
  • Physiological Prescribing
  • Blue Heron Academy Formulations

Section Five:

  • How to make herbal medicines
  • Powdered Capsule Preparation
  • Infusion Preparation
  • Decoction Preparation
  • Tincture Preparation
  • Ointment Preparation

Section Six:

  • Herbal medicines for common problems

Section Seven:

  • Herbal medicine for children
  • Children and Herbs
  • The precautions and dosage
  • Talking with the parents and doctor
  • Dosage
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects

Section Eight:

  • Herbal Medicine for women
  • Behavioral symptoms
  • Neurological Symptoms
  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Basic Protocol
  • Premenstrual Syndrome

Section Nine:

  • Herbal Medicine terminology
  • General Herbal Terminology
  • Plant Part Terminology
  • Herbal Medicine preparations
  • Medical Terminology
  • Natural Health Care Systems
  • Active Constituents of herbs

Section Ten:

  • Clinical Research on Herbs
  • Chinese herbal medicine effective in IBS
  • Melatonin in medicinal plants
  • Hypericin and AIDS
  • Vitex more effective than pyridoxine in PMS

Section Eleven:

  • Herbal medicine and topical applications
  • GuaSha - Chinese scraping toxin method
  • Method of application
  • Castor oil packs in manual therapy

Section Twelve:

  • Clinical studies in herbal medicine

Section Thirteen:

  • Final Examination

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