Course Content:  Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor - $1,140

The Blue Heron Academy has been providing residential classes in personal fitness and exercise, and certifying trainers, for over twenty-five years. Now you can study the Blue Heron Academy personal training methods and become a Certified Fitness Consultant through our dynamic and highly successful eLearning certification program. The Blue Heron Academy has the only program that incorporates personal training with a comprehensive wellness approach to personal fitness instruction.

Objectives:  By the completion of this eLearning program in personal trainer / fitness instructor you will have:

  1. Defined physical fitness.
  2. Developed a safe professional exercise program.
  3. Identified the physiological and psychological benefits of aerobic exercise.
  4. Experienced the five points of fitness exercise program.
  5. Identified the contraindications of exercise.
  6. Established exercise goals to improve your clients fitness levels.
  7. Learned how to design fitness programs for clients.
  8. Learned how to supervise fitness programs for clients.

Section One:

  • Organization and Professional Ethics

Section Two:

  • Personal Fitness and Training Programs

Section Three:

  • Healthcare Education and Patient Motivation

Section Four:

  • Business Development and Program Design

Section Five:

  • Client Communications and Marketing

Section Six:

  • Corporate and General Program Marketing

Section Seven:

  • Assessment and Evaluation Skills

Section Eight:

  • Physical Exercise and Fitness

Section Nine:

  • Fitness for an Aging Population

Section Ten:

  • Fitness and Client Information Forms

Section Eleven:

  • Final Examination

Biomedicine Training Program - Included with all Online Education Courses

Biomedicine is the basic health science foundation of all health care professions.  The biomedicine training program prepares you for work in the health care field and helps to prepare you for national board certification exams.  This biomedicine course covers the fundamentals of biomedicine and health science for the allied health care professions.

The biomedicine subjects covered in this program include; general regional anatomy, human skeletal system, human muscular system, integumentary system, special populations, human nervous system, general musculoskeletal pathology, therapeutic modalities and physiological effects, introduction to pharmacology, human cardiovascular system, human lymphatic system, human endocrine system, human respiratory system, human digestive system, human urinary/excretory systems, and the human reproductive system.

> Please check local and state regulatory laws to make certain that this program meets regulatory requirements.

Program payment plans are available, please check with our career advisor for more information.

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