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The acupressure program is designed for the student looking for beginning training in acupressure, or the massage therapist looking for additional training and certification hours.  The certified acupressure program is a 100 hour training program that provides you with a certificate in acupressure.  The program combines eLearning materials with hands on Acupressure Kata Meridian Massage Technique DVD.  All Blue Heron eLearning programs are state licensed!

Section One:

  • The Fundamentals of Chinese Massage Therapy - Medical Tuina
    (Chinese massage therapy)

Section Two:

  • Treating acute and chronic pain, somatic dysfunction and musculoskeletal disorders and conditions with medical tuina
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Etiological Factors

Section Three:

  • Patient Questioning

Section Four:

  • Manual Techniques of Medical Tuina
  • Point location, measure and the application of pressure
  • The art of pressure
  • Outline of the central manual therapy techniques

Section Five:

  • Gua Sha - Chinese scraping toxin method
  • Method of application
  • Techniques of Medical Tuina

Section Six:

  • General extremity treatment protocols
  • General Medical Tuina Therapy Applied to the Lower Extremities

Section Seven:

  • Tuina treatment for tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylitis)
  • Medical Tuina Treatment Protocol

Section Eight:

  • Examples of Acupressure Techniques:
    • Used in Medical Tuina Therapy
    • Thumb press to large intestine
    • Thumb press to spleen
    • Double thumb press to large intestine
    • Thumb press to gallbladder
    • Thumb press to pericardium
    • Double thumb press along the bladder meridian
    • Knuckle press to small intestine
    • Thumb press to large intestine
    • Thumb press to conception vessel
    • Finger press to gallbladder
    • Thumb press to stomach

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